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Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding: the new born among the plagiocephaly pillows

Are you worried about your newborn’s plagiocephaly? You can prevent or treat it thanks to our memory foam pillows: come and meet Koala Perfect Head!

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Neonatal plagiocephaly is a problem that has spread more and more since 1992, the year in which it was officially suggested to make babies sleep on their back as a measure against SIDS. Fortunately, several remedies have also been studied since then, one of which is the plagiocephaly pillow.

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But what exactly does this problem consist of? Why do some babies’ skull flatten out on one side? And above all: how can this be resolved? Everything is simpler than you might think, thanks to the Koala Perfect Head pillows and the latest addition: the breastfeeding pillow.

Plagiocephaly, when the head flattens

If you have recently had a baby, you know it well: its skull is cartilaginous and soft, and remains so for a long time after birth. This causes flattening to develop if constant and repeated pressure is applied to the same area of the head.

The question is: does your baby always sleep on his back or maybe on one of his hips? It will be very probable that his skull may undergo this specific type of deformation called positional plagiocephaly.

The “position” factor is not the only one capable of causing plagiocephaly in the newborn, but it is certainly among the most common, especially in the first three months of life. However, do not worry: just intervene in a timely manner and the problem can be solved in complete tranquility.

Plagiocephaly: the most effective remedies

The remedies for plagiocephaly especially work on prevention. With some precautions, in fact, you can make your child support different points of his head when he sleeps but also when he is awake and interacting with the world. In this way, the conditions that lead to flattening of the skull do not occur, and plagiocephaly resolves even before it occurs.

If, on the other hand, your baby was born with a slightly deformed head or developed this problem during the first weeks of life, you can still intervene effectively with the advice of Dr. Maria Antonietta Bonanno … or with the simplest and sure there is: the use of pillows for plagiocephaly.

A pillow for plagiocephaly for any occasion

You may have read on the web that it is better not to use any baby pillows to reduce the risk of suffocation in a cot. In reality, this is partial information: nowadays there are absolutely safe and, indeed, very useful anti-suffocation pillows to prevent and treat the problem of plagiocephaly.

Our Koala Perfect Head have been designed with this purpose in mind and we are happy to announce that the family has been joined by a new born: the anti-plagiocephaly pillow for breastfeeding Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding!

But let’s go in order: what’s so special about these pillows?

  • Sono pensati per accogliere la testolina del neonato e per consentirgli di dormire in modo sicuro, evitando che i cambi di posizione durante il sonno causino problemi.
  • They are made of BASF German memory foam, of the highest quality and anti-suffocation.
  • Each pillow is equipped with two very soft and breathable washable cotton pillowcases.
  • Their design has obtained the CE mark as a Class I Medical Device for the prevention and treatment of positional plagiocephaly.
  • They were created to meet the needs of parents, overcoming the limits of other plagiocephaly pillows on the market.
  • They are designed to accommodate the infant’s head and allow it to sleep safely, avoiding that changes in position during sleep cause problems.

In addition to the quality standard that we have studied for all our pillows, we have thought of differentiating them according to their specific characteristics. Because sleeping in different situations has different needs!

Koala Perfect Head

Small and compact, Koala Perfect Head has been designed to be inserted inside the pram, in the car seat or in the stroller. It is perfect for babies up to 12 months, not only to accompany them during sleep but also in all those moments in which they remain crouched in a supine position inside a support.

The deep hole inside the pillow best contains the baby’s head, distributing the pressure evenly and preventing the nape from flattening.

Koala Perfect Head Maxi

This plagiocephaly pillow is the “big brother” of the small Koala Perfect Head and, unlike the latter, it is not characterized by a central hole but by an easy basin. Its large measures (it is 19,6 inches wide!) make it ideal for prolonged sleep, whether in the cot or in the bed with mom and dad.

Even if the baby moves while he sleeps, there is no danger: Koala Perfect Head Maxi, like our other pillows, is anti-suffocation and guarantees an optimal distribution of the pressure of the skull even outside the central basin. Its dimensions and structure make this device suitable for children up to 3 years.

Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding

The latest addition to Koala Babycare family is an innovative pillow to be used during breastfeeding: the very small and portable Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding. We have always said that the effectiveness of our pillows is maximized by using them together, but we felt that something was still missing. Here we have thought of those mothers worried about a possible worsening of plagiocephaly due to the fact that, during breastfeeding, the head always rests against the hard surface of the arm. Now, with Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding, the triad is complete: even while breastfeeding your newborn baby have your ally against plagiocephaly.

All you have to do is insert the arm inside this ultra-compact, thin and flexible but extremely effective support. Place your baby’s head in the central hole and then breastfeed him normally: you will both have a peaceful and comfortable experience while the pillow does its job.

We know that as a new mom you will often find yourself cradling your child to make him sleep or calm down in moments of crying, and we also know that you will most likely always hold him on the side that you feel stronger and more comfortable. Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding is at your side (or maybe we should say to your arm!) Even in these intimate moments, and makes sure that you don’t have to worry about any consequences on its still soft head.

In recent years we have listened to the needs of mothers and fathers and have transformed them into concrete answers: this is how our three plagiocephaly pillows were born, which you can really use on any occasion. Their effectiveness, when used in parallel in different situations, is enhanced and allows you to say goodbye to the problem of plagiocephaly.

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