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What to eat while breastfeeding: what you should know and what are misbeliefs

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Design, peacefulness and safety for the mom and her baby!

You and your baby deserve to live your first months together peacefully, that’s why Koala Babycare is committed to provide you with all the comfort, safety and information you need.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful gesture, which can become special with the right allies. Our products will become your best friends, for a natural and painless breastfeeding.

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For the mother’s and baby’s rest

Our whole life is influenced by the way we sleep, that’s why it’s important that the products chosen for the mum and the baby are studied in detail to guarantee you a peaceful and safe sleep.

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The Positional Plagiocephaly is a pathology still little known, but that, in the last years, has affected a great number of newborn. Together with a team of doctors and experts we have studied and realized the best products for prevention and cure of this pathology.

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Since the very first months, outdoor activities are important for the psychophysical development of your baby, but to live this experience at its best you need the best products!

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Koala Babycare is a dream we’re building together!

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Vatinee Suvimol

It was among the things that I brought to the hospital: pram, bankets and the Koala Perfect Head pillow. I loved it right away, so much that I purchased another one that I use in the bed at night.

Sara Luna Canola

With Koala Hugs I solved five problems in one shot: in fact, not only did it help me a lot to maintain good posture in pregnancy and to rest well, but also it was super useful when Leo was born.

Alessandra D’agostino

In this last period the Koala Babycare pregnancy pillow is helping me a lot. I have been using it for 5 months now. In this way I can rest better because it lightens the weight of my belly and gives relief to my back.