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Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding

Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding

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Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding is an ultra-compact and slim memory foam pillow, designed to offer the right support to your baby’s head whilst being breastfed or held. It is a medical device that helps prevent and treat Positional Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome). Developed to be used whilst breastfeeding, when cradling your baby to sleep in your arms or whenever you are holding your little one.

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Warranty and shipments

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, which is why we offer a 'Money Back Guarantee’ where you can return your unwanted items within 30 days from purchase. Koala Babycare products come with a two-year warranty. Delivery takes 1-2 working days, depending on the destination area.

Materials and certifications

Composition • Memory Foam BASF • External pillowcase: 75% Cotton 25% Polyester OEKO TEX certified • Inner pillowcover: 100% Polyester Certification • Registered Class 1 Medical Device • Certified as an “Ergonomic Product” by IGR • Hypoallergenic Materials • Oeko Tex textile certification, free of toxic substances which may be harmful to health or the environment • REACH Certification, free from toxic or prohibited substances Washing & Care The pillowcase can be machine-washed at 30°. It can be tumble dried at a low temperature on a delicate programme cycle. Do not iron.
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Soft and compact for a magical embrace

Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding is a breastfeeding aid you can easily carry around with you wherever you go, designed to be used whenever your baby is being held by mum or dad, such as whilst breastfeeding.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and innovative technology, it protects the baby from localised pressure, resulting from contact with an adult’s rigid arm against their soft and malleable head.

Magic which stems from extensive research.

"Advanced technology is no different to magic"

Arm opening

The pillow slips comfortably and with ease onto the parent's arm through the opening.

Central indent to position the baby

Centre the back of the baby’s head on the indent to ensure pressure is distributed evenly and correctly.

Two removable outer pillowcases

Outer pillowcase, made from soft fabric, can be removed and machine washed at 30° C. A spare pillowcase is included.

Magic is found in the simplest of actions


Slide the pillow onto your arm.

Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding has a special opening where you insert your arm inside, ensuring it stays firmly in place while providing comfort.


Slide the pillow up to your elbow.

Once the pillow is on your nursing arm, slide the pillow up to your elbow.


Position the baby so the back of their head is in the middle of the indent.

Place the baby so the back of their head corresponds to the middle of the indent. Ensure their shoulders are off the pillow to allow them to maintain the correct posture.

What do Koala mums and dads think about it?

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Kalpana S.
France France

Exactly what it claims

We bought this head shaping pillow for our newborn and our boy absolutely loves this. He sleeps comfortably and it’s shape is such that it feels safe putting your baby to sleep on this also on this. The covers that come along are of good quality and even after several washings they retain their color and quality. Extremely satisfied


Buen regalo

Fue para un regalo



Prodotto acquistato circa 3 giorni fa...spedizione celere, facile da lavare, utilissimo!! Lo Stra-consiglio!!!

Amazon K.

Ich finde die Kissen sehr gut ,praktisch und Qualitat ist sehr gut ? ?

Ideal fur die Babys Kopf Form ,bin sehr zufrieden.kann weitere empfehlen...



Lo trovo comodissimo e la bambina nn ha nessuno problema alla testa

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A Bundle for whatever your need 

Perfect Head


The perfect solution to protect your little baby's head at any time of the day



Everything you need for breastfeeding your baby, whilst protecting your health and well-being as well as that of your baby’s.

Mum & Baby


A package which takes care of both baby and mum, because a happy mum has a happy baby.

Frequently asked questions on this product

Insert your arm through the hole and slide it up to elbow height or to where your baby's head usually rests. Ensure your baby's head is aligned with the pillow's central indent, this will allow for an even distribution of pressure across the entire head.

Whilst being breastfed, the baby remains in the same position, pressing its head against their mum’s arm, for a long period time. This position facilitates the onset of flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly) or it can cause any existing flat head condition to worsen. With Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding, you will have a support on hand to help you prevent and treat flat head syndrome throughout the day, even when breastfeeding.

Of course. Whilst bottle feeding, the baby's head remains in supine position (facing upwards) and, more often than not, the mum tends to use the same position and side for feeding, which favours the onset of plagiocephaly.

Of course, Koala Hugs is a useful support for mums, it helps them to avoid tilting their back towards the baby when feeding. However, it does not provide the right support for baby's head, which needs to rest on mum’s arms. This is where KPH Breastfeeding comes to the rescue!

The inner pillow can be easily removed, and it comes with a second replacement pillowcase, so you can wash your pillowcase. However, please note that the pillow itself cannot be washed, memory foam should not be washed in water.

Of course. Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding has been purposely designed for use during breastfeeding, formula feeding, in the rugby-hold or lying feeding positions. It really does adapt to your every need.

No, we do not recommend replacing KPH with KPHB, and this is why: The central indent in the Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding is larger than that of the Koala Perfect Head, this allows the pillow to fold when breastfeeding. Koala Perfect Head indent is smaller and the memory foam is thicker and more supportive.

During the first few months, a baby is fed every 2-3 hours for a duration of 20-40 minutes. This means that we are feeding our baby for about 5/6 hours a day. Whilst being fed, the baby's head rests on their mum’s arm (a rigid and uneven surface) creating localised pressure. This pressure, over such a long period of time, can cause or aggravate plagiocephaly.