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Products for mum

From pregnancy to postnatal care, everything you need to be yourself - without the compromise. 


Swaddle wrap and breastfeeding cover Koala Soft Touch 120x120


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Products for mum

Mum without limits 

No matter how many changes you have to face now that you’re a mum, you’ll still be just as strong as before. In fact, you’ll discover strengths you didn't even know you had!

You’ll be a new person, a mum yet still yourself, especially with the right tools to hand. Here, you can discover everything you need to make both pregnancy and postpartum less complicated.

Koala Hugs pregnancy pillows will allow you to have a good night’s sleep with your bump and relieve back pain; and Koala Belly Band, the pregnancy belly band that supports the weight of your baby bump making you feel instantly lighter.

Don't let pregnancy back pain and the weight of your pregnancy bump hold you back! It’s an extra-special moment to be lived to the fullest.

With Koala Skincare for mums, including Almond Oil and Elasticising Body Cream, purely organic, you won't have to worry about every new mum's worst enemy - those notorious stretch marks!

Just as with nipple fissures, sore cracked nipples, which often appear during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. Koala Silver Cups are silver nipple shields with extraordinary healing properties.

Start using the silver nipple covers as a preventative measure a few days before your due date to keep discomfort and nipple sensitivity at bay.

Koala Hugs will also come to your aid once your baby is born. After being your precious pillow for sleeping during pregnancy, it turns into an excellent breastfeeding pillow. And that's not all! It adjusts to your baby’s needs as he or she grows, as it’s truly a multi-functional item.

Koala Soft Touch cotton muslin cloths will be on hand for all those mini emergencies with your baby. When you need a bib, a blanket, a towel, a nappy change cloth... they’ll always be to hand!

Koala Soft Touch 120x120 swiftly becomes a breastfeeding cover to create a cosy atmosphere between you and your baby wherever you are.

Its generous size means it’s also perfect as a swaddling blanket wrap, or for containment. Your little one will feel safe and secure wrapped up snuggly in their muslin square!