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Ergonomic Baby Carrier Koala Cuddle Band
An ergonomic baby carrier wrap that slips on easily – just like a T-shirt. Thanks to its adjustable rings, it adapts to all body shapes (suitable for both mums and dads).
Pregnancy pillow Koala Hugs Plus
The addition of a removable pad, which provides lower back or neck support, makes Koala Hugs Plus even more multifunctional.
Flat head newborn pillow Koala Perfect Head
Newborn pillow designed to help prevent and treat the onset of Flat Head Syndrome. Ideal for carrycots, bouncers and prams.
Pregnancy pillow Koala Hugs
Koala Hugs is the multi-functional pregnancy pillow, specifically designed to meet the needs of new mums during pregnancy and throughout the first year of baby’s life.
Flat head pillow Koala Perfect Head Maxi
Designed for use in cots and co-sleeping cribs, this is the perfect support to evenly distribute pressure across the baby's head and help prevent and treat Flat Head Syndrome.
Silver nipple shields Koala Silver Cups
Nipple shields made of pure silver which, thanks to silver’s antibacterial, healing and disinfectant properties, help prevent and treat sore, cracked nipples.
Firming Body Cream
Deeply moisturises and nourishes dry, delicate skin. Ideal for use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks as its unique formula improves elasticity.
Flat Head and Nursing Pillow Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding
The ultra-compact and thin memory foam pillow designed to provide the ideal support for your baby's head whilst being breastfed or held.
Pillowcase for Koala Hugs
Change the style of your Koala Hugs with our 100% cotton replacement pillowcases. They are available in a variety of colours
Organic Protective Nappy Cream
Soothing organic nappy care cream which protects baby's skin from irritants and redness.
Organic Baby Body and Hair Wash
Baby hair & body wash which won’t cause irritation to eyes. It protects the natural balance of baby's delicate and sensitive skin.
Pillowcase for Koala Hugs Plus
Change the style of your Koala Hugs Plus with our 100% cotton replacement pillowcases. They are available in a variety of colours
Organic Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E helps prevent sore cracked nipples which can occur when breastfeeding. It also soothes and calms any redness and irritation on newborns’ skin.
Organic Gentle Face and Body Cream
Organic and soothing body cream, ideal for little ones. Leaves skin hydrated, soft and dry.
Organic Cleansing Nappy Lotion
Ultra gentle cleansing lotion ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. Perfect for nappy time!

Baby products

A guide of essential items to help you take care of your baby in the best way possible and to be a super mum. 


Our products are a result of thorough research carried out in conjunction with professional experts. They stem from innovation and from one single objective: to help new mums and parents during those first few years with their baby. 


The products listed in this section are solutions which meet the needs of new parents, helping to simplify the wonderful and grand role of being a mum or a dad. 


What does a newborn baby need? 


To feel safe and secure. Snuggled inside our Koala baby carrier wrap, your baby is safe and heart-to-heart with mum or dad. They’ll settle within minutes, falling into a peaceful sleep, leaving mum free to devote some time to herself with her baby safe and sound nearby. 


To feel protected. Koala Perfect Head ergonomic newborn pillows help prevent and treat flat head syndrome. 


Our nursing pillow is also a great help against Plagiocephaly (commonly known as Flat Head Syndrome), considering that on average you spend about 5 hours a day breastfeeding! With Koala Hugs maternity pillow, baby’s little head can rest on a soft comfortable pillow, instead of on mum or dad’s hard arm. 


Breast milk. The WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding until a baby is six months old. Many mums are forced to stop breastfeeding due to the onset of sore cracked nipples.  


Koala Silver Cups offer miraculous properties which help prevent and treat sore cracked nipples, so you can avoid risking having to give up breastfeeding. 


Organic creams and lotions suitable for their sensitive skin during nappy and bath time. This is why Koala Babycare has formulated a range of organic and natural products. They protect an infant’s skin from irritation and redness, leaving skin as soft and fragrant. 

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We will always look after you, mum, and your baby. To make our products, we choose the best materials, caring for the world we live in. This is why we have obtained various certifications which attest the quality of our products.